Arogya Mandira is a well-equipped holistic health care center, with both in-patient & out-patient facilities. Our greatest strength is our expertise knowledge & skill, which has been acquired over decades of study and hands on experience. In today’s world the body needs more than just food & water. There is a need to rejuvenate & relax the body and that is exactly what we focus on. At Arogya Mandira we use a holistic approach to help build harmony between body, mind & soul. With the use of naturopathy, the body’s immune system is strengthened. Techniques such as massage, herbal packs, mud packs, hydrotherapy, yoga, meditation etc. help the body reach a new level of health with Peace and Harmony. With the use of these methods we also reduce the sufferings and dependence on conventional medicine. Since we are situated within city limits, you can access these facilities on a day-to-day basis without having to change your daily routine.

Traditionally trained and experianced masseurs for Gents and masseuse for Ladies, sauna bath, mud bath. Separate floor for treatment of women and a specially designed yoga floor are a few of the facilities you can benefit from at Arogya Mandira.

A note on the people behind Arogya Mandira:
Dr. B. N. Brahmacharya, an expert in Lifestyle Management, heads this organization. He has over 40 years of experience in this field. He has been treating many V.I.P’s including Judges, Ministers and Chief Ministers . The Government of Karnataka has recognized his services by conferring upon him The Rajyotsava State Award Pathanjali Swarna Padhaka award by the Department of Ayush Government of Karnataka, He is receipient of Prakruthi Chikistha Ratna by Jindal Trust and Yogashree and many more.

Dr. B. C. Bhagya, is in this field since 1988 and is heading the Center as Managing Director. She has inspired thousands of families to take up the holistic approach towards good health by reducing their sufferings and dependence on medicine. The Govt. of Karnataka, Dept of Ayush has recognised our YEOMEN services and conferred upon her the patanjali swarna pathaka. She has been honoured with the Samaja Seva Bhushan. Many VIP families are under her Treatment. She is Principal of Sanathana Yoga Maha Vidyalaya.
Our working hours are – 7am to 8 pm.
An Invigorating, Elixir, Relaxed, Refreshed lifestyle awaits you at Arogya Mandira!!