I Congratulate Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya and Dr. B.C. Bhagya for their successful services in treating more than 500 persons in the first year itself. When I was suffering from cervical spondylosis, Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya has treated me with acupressure and yoga. And now I am completely free from the problem for years. I learn that Arogya Mandira is conducting Public Educating Training Programs in Nature cure, Yoga, Acupressure and Pranic healing and public monthly lectures on remedies for common diseases. I wish them all the success. Sri.Siddaramaiah

On a physical level , the acupressure for a frozen shoulder along with Yogasana and Treatments have an amazing 90% relief and relaxing effects in just 2 weeks. Dr. Nalini Ramesh, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

I have been suffering from Diabetes Cardiatic problems. Now after 15 days treatment I fully satisfied. Blood sugar reduced from 249 to 208 mg/dl and PP blood sugar from 181 to 90 mg/dl. I had a swelling in my legs and I could not drive my car. Now I fully satisfied of my blood sugar and body aches.
Mr. T.S.Venkatachala, Bangalore.

I had been suffering for low back pain since 10 years and I was diagnosed as sero negative Arthritis (Ankylosing spondylosis). I felt there is no life for me but after coming to Arogya Mandira, I am very much better now. I am very happy. Acupressure has helped me a lot. I would first like to thank God for showing me this way and special thanks to Dr. B.N. Brahmacharya Dr. Soumya, MBBS, Chintamani.

A three days rejuvenative therapy with emphasise on spine for neck and back problems was wonderful and very relaxing The power of nature cure for stress relief and energizing the system was Very visible and I am enjoying the results. I hope more and more people will benefit from the institute. The Doctors and technicians are also very caring and meticulous. Mr. A. Ramesh Kumar : Chief Gen. Manager SBI Mumbai.

I brought my mother with partly Paralysed due to B.P. and Diabetes. When she came here, She could not able to stand even on her own, but after a regular treatment like spinal spray, Massage, acupressure, mud pack etc,. She improved a lot and could able to walk on her own within 15 days of treatment. Really the treatment is good and needs to be popularized much. Sri M.L. Raghunath, 3rd Metropolitan Magistrate, Bangalore.

I tried several treatments, but nothing worked for my cervical spondylitis. Five sittings of acupressure gave me the relief. The yoga I attended was very scientific. it relaxed my muscles and stiffness and improved flexibility. It acted as a natural antoxidant, to regularise our internal organs. I thank to Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya Dr. Pewa Daulat Ram Dental Surgeon
I am 76, suffer severe Sciatica Nerve Pain. My family physician seeing the MRI suggested that my spine is weak due to age. The orthopaedic surgeon suggested an option of surgery or acupressure by Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya at Arogya Mandira. In first Acupressure treatment itself, my comfort level gradually improved. After 7 sittings of Acupressure and Hydrotherapy, I was feeling better and a lot of improvement. Almost 4 months now, I am able to walk independently and do my work. Mrs. Prabha Iyengar Bangalore

I am a video professional developed low back pain 4 years back. It became terrible when I met with an accident on my mobike. Orthopaedic doctor suggested no way except operation. With the help of a friend, I reached Arogya mandira and treated by Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya and Dr. B.C.Bhagya. Acupressure, Mud pack, Steam bath, Massage for few weeks this made me back to my profession and on my mobike. Mr. R.A.Ravindra Bangalore
I was badly affected by sciatica of right leg and not able even to change the position from left to right, an experience like electric shocks and burning. With the treatment given by Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya and Dr.B.C.Bhagya, I gained confidence on the very first day itself. At the end of the week, I was better by 65% and almost 90% better at the end of 3rd week. M.V.Shanubogue Rajajinagar Bangalore
I was told that Arogya Mandira has treated about 5000 persons in its first year itself by Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupressure methods. This is really an appreciable effort. I wish the Arogya mandira in the years to come will endeavour to treat more and more number of people. Dr. Thangaraj, IAS Principal Secy. to Govt. Health and F.W. Dept., Karnataka

I was 36, My low back spinal cord discs prolapsed (L4 L5 & S1) and reached a stage and I could not even stand for 2-3 minutes, nor able to walk. i was even prepared to get operated. a senior orthopaedic and neuro surgeon suggested bed-rest and postpone surgery. Meanwhile. I took treatment by Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya acupressure coupled with hydrotherapy. After one month, with slow Recovery started yoga. After two months, I became almost 85% normal. A German professor said - To learn how to operate - you require 6 months of experience. To learn when not to operate we require 2 years of experience. M.A.Dattatreya 165, Samridhi, 5th main, WCR, 2nd stage, Bangalore
I am 65, I have been a diabetic for almost a quarter century. I had problem of neuritis - tingling, numbness, tightness of skin and pricking pain in the toes. I started warm water hip-bath with warm water foot bath And meditate for 15 minutes. There is relief Myself and my wife started drinking water, early morning regular walks, practice of yoga and pranayama. Avoided over-eating. A few nights, I take lot of butter milk with Fruits. Eating raw vegetable before meals. I insist it is not a cure for diabetes, but this enhances feeling of wellness even with unsatisfactory blood sugar levels. it is possible to lead a normal active life for Decades. N.Narasimhan 596, 10th B Cross, WCR Bangalore - 86

I was suffering joint pains and neck pain over a decade. Dr. B.N.Brahmacharya started treating me and I went through all the hydro treatments. I could see a lot of improvement just after one or two sittings. Now I am free from joint pains and I feel very comfortable , flexible and light. I am able to go for morning walks. Mrs. Shubha E Dasa 74, 8th Cross, RMV Extn, Bangalore
Due to Political pressure, lack of Interest in Health, I was suffering from Diabetes and Blood pressure, I felt High Depression, I lost my Interest in Business and Agriculture. On 20-10-2004 I saw B.N.Brahmacharya and Dr.B.C.Bhagya in Arogya Mandira, They gave treatment that is Acupressure and Enema, Mud bath, Massage. They asked me to change my food habits, Every two weeks, My Diabetes and Blood Pressure was getting cured. On 22-10-2004 FBS 156 mg PPBS 261 mg, On 05-01-2005 FBS 84 mg PPBS 129 mg The Doctor, who was treating me for several years, was amazed by seeing my improvement. Then he reduced Tablets also. My wife who was having disbelief in these treatments also surprised seeing my improvements and she also took treatment like Acupressure, Mud packs from Arogya mandira for her Shoulder pain and Hand pain. K.A Hanumanthaiah Director, Ex. Chairman of Kolar taluk Co-operative Milk Society Malur

My wife Smt. D.C.Umadevi was suffering from Flu fever since a few days. Allopathic Doctors treated her but it only increased flu and it did not cure it. Then we started taking naturopathy treatment from Arogya Mandira, she was feeling well after getting treatment. People, who live life in a nature friendly, live without any illness. Nature elements like Air, Pure water, Sun light, Pure water, Balanced diet, Exercises, Rest, Gives Relaxation to the Mind, and prevents from affecting from illness. We can live a healthy life. Smt. D.C Umadevi w/o D.M Chandra shekar . Justice Kumara Park, Bangalore